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We are growth rebels 100% focused on your success

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Go farther, higher much faster and with support.  

This is not just your community; this is your team.
We help you to exceed the expectations that are put on you and go as high as you choose.

Peak Community Core Programs:

  • Mentorship
  • Career:  Progression and Direction
  • Level up: Functional Leader to Business Leader
  • Function Junction
  • VC, PE and CEO Ambassador Program

Membership comes with privileges and connections!

Beyond our core programs, Peak gives you so much more:

  • Annual Research
  • Marketing as a Revenue driver frameworks
  • Let's Talk Revenue – monthly podcast
  • Monthly newsletter
  • Quarterly community virtual meetups
  • Bi-annual in person summits
  • Annual awards ceremony
  • Marketing Safe Space - Say It!
  • Suggested peer introductions
  • Curated investor and CEO exchange sessions

Who should be in this community?

If you are a Marketing Manager, Director or CMO this community is for you.  You see it constantly in your feeds, marketing has changed and many leaders need to better understand not just our functional skills and value, but our critical business value and leadership.  That's where Peak steps in.  Marketing is business and we make sure the you, the business ecosystem and all players get that so we can win and win big.

Who should NOT be part of this: Lurkers and those who want to sell, (i.e. promote your product or service).  We are not here for it and if there are three violations, unfortunately you will be asked to leave.

* Remember most companies will allow you to expense your membership or count it towards your educational benefits.  As you win, they win and we all win!

What people are saying:

"I've been part of numerous networking groups and marketing communities over the years and PEAK is a unique gem in every way. It puts the members at the center of every conversation and celebrates them for being humans solving problems and trying to get better. It's a value-creation network and creates a culture against being a sales/pitch network. By design everyone is trying to meet and help each other." -Cody Ward, VP Demand Gen Marketing | Aspiring Author

"I have enjoyed the guest webinars and the "how-to" sessions where we can dig into real-life examples of what other companies are doing.  Sangram, Judd, and our other hosts have built a true community and I love learning from them and the guests they bring in.

The Q&A session with Udi Ledergor from GONG was fantastic and Sangram's interview with Seth Godin was amazing.  I am super grateful to my local hosts, Kira Tchernikovsky and Lisa Sharapata, for their time connecting with me personally and making themselves available.  Building a community like this takes planning and dedication - the team that is running PEAK actively listens to its members and delivers real value. I love it!" -Leela Gill, CMO | COO | Forbes Contributor | Non-Profit Board Member

"I joined PEAK Marketing Leaders to get access to the experience and expertise of other smart marketers. I'm the most senior marketing person in my org, and although I have a huge network, it's mostly people in my industry rather than marketing professionals.

I've only been a member a little over a month and I've already made two offline connections with people who offered me help with something I posted about. 

I've also gotten a lot out of the "solve my problem" sessions. I've been able to contribute some of my ideas but also have learned a lot from what other people shared. I'm looking forward to more of those. The events are the greatest value to me." -Sarah Allen-Short, Head of Marketing